This year we will be holding a set of four 'Expanding the Basics' meetings.

This year there will be a set of four meetings with the theme 

'Expanding the Basics'

We will be reviewing our basic stitches and taking it to the LIMIT…….

Our topics will be :





For each meeting we will be asking you all, if you can, to bring something you've made in that stitch / style, as well as your ideas, pictures, magazines or anything you think will inspire us. We have many experienced and talented members, it will be an opportunity for us to get together, share our skills, and try out some new ideas.

We've seen all sorts of new beads coming on the market, dragon scales, super duos, O beads, let's try them out. The club will provide these beads for a nominal price, so we can all try them and see what happens.

Most importantly - be there, it will be fun!! but, as always at our meetings, if you want to come and just sit and bead that's fine.