Members Gallery 2023 – 2024




Above are Laura McCabe’s Bells of Ireland by Wendy, Sue Stallard’s Tulips by Lesley, Jayashree Paramesh’s Anicia’s Gift by Catharine, Cath Thomas’s Ribbon Necklace by Carol, Laura McCabe’s bracelet by Maureen and Oaktree Crafts Soldier Bauble by Barbara.



Above are Fran Griffith’s Siamese Cuff by Caroline on the left and Catharine’s necklace inspired by Cindy Hocslaw’s Terrarium workshop on the right.


Above are Monica Vinci’s ‘Tatanka’ necklace and ‘Rainbow’ bracelet along with Melissa Grakowski’s ‘Tipping the Scales’ bracelet by Catharine.

With Chloe Menage’s design by Sue B, Miriam Shimon’s ‘Empress’ necklace by Sue Stallard and Laura McCabe’s ‘Let There Be Dragons’ necklace by Maureen.


Fran Griffith’s ‘Trillium by Sue Barber
Cindy Holsclaw’s Bead Origami Star by Catharine
Cindy Holsclaw’s Bead Origami Star by Catharine
Sabine Lippert’s Avalon by Caroline

Sue Stallard’s designs

Easter Collection by Terry
Skadi by Norma
Tulips by Lesley
Sue’s mat!
Bohemian Rings by Linda
Lydia’s Star by Catharine


Patty McCourt visited our group in March and supplied us with the pattern and kits for this Chelli necklace above.

Below are Caroline’s ‘Lydia Star’ by Sue Stallard and ‘Belle Epoch’ by Laura McCabe, along with Terry’s Erika Sandor project.

Sue Stallard’s Lydia’s Star – by Caroline
Laura McCabe’s Belle Epoche by Caroline
Erika Sandor project by Terry